The influence of Mackintosh on Catalan architects

The influence of Mackintosh on Catalan architects

To celebrate our artist’s birthday, the association is proposing this year that we travel to southern Catalonia, more specifically to Girona, and follow in the footsteps of a Catalan artist and architect, Rafael Maso (1880 – 1935), who was influenced by C R Mackintosh and the secessionist movement in Vienna.

As an introduction, and in preparation for this one-day outing, a lecture will be given by Judith Urbano, lecturer at the University of Barcelona and heritage specialist. This lecture will take place on 4th June at 5.15pm at the Cultural Centre in Port-Vendres. Judith Urbano will analyse the influences exerted on Catalan artists at the beginning of the twentieth century by the precursors of modernism, of which our artist is emblematic. We look forward to seeing you there. And we’ll be telling you more very soon.

On Thursday 6th June, we’re planning a trip to Girona under the guidance of our tour guide, who, at 10am, will take us to the buildings designed by Rafael Maso in Girona. The morning will continue at around 12 noon with a guided tour of Casa Maso, with commentary by the museum’s guides.

Practical details.

Visits: As with all buildings that were once private residences, it is important to plan ahead and book a visit to the Casa Maso in advance. That’s why the association has set up an online ticket office on Hello Asso, and you can sign up now for this outing for €5 per person. This procedure is highly recommended so that we can know in advance the number of participants. This outing is not reserved for our members, so please spread the word.

Registration via helloasso – click here

If you find it impossible or difficult to use Hello Asso, you can send a cheque for the cost of admission to our president Michèle Grau – 30, boulevard des ÉvadĂ©s de France, 66660 Port-Vendres or drop it in the association’s letterbox at Place Castellane. It will also be possible to sign up – if there are any places left! – when you attend the conference on Tuesday 4th June.

Car pooling: depending on the number of participants and their wishes, we will organise a car pool, the cost of which will be paid to your driver.

End of the visit and meal in Girona: if you let us know in advance, we can also arrange a meal together at the end of this morning in the company of Judith Urbano.

We look forward to seeing you again soon in Port-Vendres and also Girona.

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