The General Assembly of 24 March 2023 elected the Board of Directors.

  • The following people resigned: Jane Forsyth, Jacques Raupp and Annie Vila.
  • Re-elected: Jacques Raupp and Annie Vila.
  • New candidate: Irene Barcelo.

All were unanimously elected to the Board.

The election of the Bureau took place during the first Board meeting.
Here is the complete composition of the Board of Directors:
    • President: Michèle GRAU
    • Vice-president: Annie VILA
    • Treasurer: Gilbert SUK
    • Deputy Treasurer: François TANCELIN
    • Secretary: Sylvie PLAS
    • Assistant Secretary: Linda CADWALLADER

The other members are:

    • Irène BARCELO
    • Isabelle CASES
    • Jacques RAUPP
It is a group of people who all share the same vision of what an association is, the same values of probity, benevolence and transparency in everything.
They are 6 women and 3 men, all actively involved in the life of the associations of Port-Vendres or the Pyrenees-Orientales.
All the necessary skills have been brought together to ensure that this association, which promotes the work of a great artist, is managed efficiently and transparently. It does this by seeking the help of experts from within its clearly established partnerships.

And then, there are also 3 ex-officio members:

    • Mr Tarek KUTENI: Director of the Château-MusĂ©e de BĂ©lesta.
    • Mrs Monica GUILLOUET-GELYS: Deputy for culture at the town hall of Port-Vendres.
    • The Mayor of AmĂ©lie-les Bains represented by Mr Thierry GOPAUL (Head of Culture)

and 3 benefactor members:

    • Clara SILBER
    • David CAIRNS
    • Cathy BELL
You can contact the board of directors by writing to the following e-mail address:

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