The annual general meeting (AGM) of April 8, 2021 proceeded with the election of the board of directors.

The 3 resigning members (Michèle GRAU, Sylvie PLAS and Gilbert SUK) stood as candidates and were unanimously re-elected.

Here is a photograph of the management committee at a meeting on November 19, 2020.

Conseil d’administration  2021

With from left to right and from top to bottom:


François TANCELIN, Gilbert SUK, Annie VILA

Sylvie PLAS, Nassima DRIS, Jane Forsyth


It is a group of people who all share the same vision of what an association is the same values ​​of probity, benevolence and transparency towards everyone.

There are 6 women and 3 men: people who are available: all full-time residents in Port-Vendres (except for our representative in Palalda who lives not far from here); all actively involved in the associative life of Port-Vendres or the Pyrenees-Orientals region.

All the necessary skills have been identified to ensure that this association, which promotes the work of a great artist, is managed with efficiency and transparency. The necessary help of experts is obtained within the management framework of clearly established partnerships.

And then, there are also 3 ex-officio members:

  • Mr. Tarek KUTENI: Director of the Bélesta castle-museum.
  • Madame Monica GUILLOUET-GELYS: Cultural Deputy at the town hall of Port-Vendres.
  • Madam Mayor of Amélie-les Bains represented by Ms. Julie RICO (Head of Culture).

This is the office of the Board of Directors for 2021, composed of 6 members:

  • Michèle GRAU : Président
  • Jane FORSYTH : Vice-président
  • Sylvie PLAS : Secretary
  • Anie VILA : Assistant secretary
  • François TANCELIN : Treasurer and assistant webmaster
  • Gilbert SUK : Assistant Treasurer and Webmaster

You can contact the board of directors by writing to the following email address:

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