Article 1: membership

1.1 Conditions of membership

To be a member, one has to be of age, up-to-date with membership fees and have completed an application form, including the internal rules.

Each new member agrees to respect the statutes and the internal rules.

The annual membership fee is fixed at 20 € and can be modified by the General Assembly on the proposal of the administrative council. Please note on the other hand, that for a couple who wish to join the association, the cost of the two memberships will be reduced to 30€.

1.2 Benefactor and members by right

Benefactor members : people who support or give financial support to the association in a significant way, towards the goals of the association.

Member by right : people who the association decides to accept as members in exempting them from the procedures for admission required of other catergories of membership. These are people designated by their communities, communitiy of communities or other associations which put their personnel, places and materials at the disposition of the association.

Benefactor members and members by right become this through decision of the administrative council. They have only a consultative voice at the deliberations of the administrative council and AGM.

Article 2 : Organisation et fonctionnement

Article 2 : organisation and operation

2.1 Convocation to an ordinary or extraordinary general assembly 

The convocation to a general assembly must be sent to the members at least 15 days before the fixed date decided upon for this assembly.

It must include the following features:

  • The date, the hour and the place
  • The agenda
  • The annual report and the financial report
  • A membership form following the internal procedural rules
  • A nomination form to the administrative council if applicable

2.2 Voting procedures applicable to general assemblies

Each member present is not able to influence more than 2 proxy votes.

Members present vote by show of hands or secret ballot

  • at the request of the council
  • at the request of one of the members present and that such request be the subject of a vote in favour by a fifth of those present by show of hands.

In order to be of value the decisions must be voted on by a quorum of a third of the members present or represented.

2.3 Candidature for the administrative council

The application forms for the administrative council must reach the directors at least 15 days before the holding of the Annual General Meeting to allow members to receive the communication.

The applications for candidature must hold at least:

  • The identity of the candidate
  • Date of birth
  • Place of residence in the PyrĂ©nĂ©es Orientales
  • Projected involvement in the activities and projects of the association, in accordance with the objectives of the association.

2.4 Organisation of the administrative council

The agenda for each administrative council meeting is proposed in a notice (with requests for any later modifications) by the association’s officers at least 8 days before the fixed date.

Article 3 : Exclusion of a member

As indicated in the statutes article 6, the exclusion of a member may be pronounced by the administrative council for a grave reason.

Grave reasons to be considered are:

  • A conviction for crime or misdemeanour,
  • Any action which is prejudicial, directly or indirectly, to the activities of the association or to its reputation.
  • In particular, the use of goods or finances of the association for personal benefit.

The decision for exclusion is adopted by an absolute majority of the administrative council.

Article 4 : Financial commitments– Re-payment of costs

Remboursements des frais

4.1 Commitment of expenditure for the association

Any expenses that an officer of the association wishes to incur, on behalf of the association, and for over € 400 must be subject to prior approval by the Board of Directors, either at a meeting or by mail.

A quotation must be submitted for any major financial commitment of the association (including likely costs of travel, website, etc.)

4.2 Repayments:

Only the members of the Board of Directors , the administratrative council, or members of goodwill authorised by the administrative council are able to claim repayment of expenditure engaged in the performance of their duties and on documentary evidence.

  1. If they wish to be repaid, there is a simple formula to complete.
    For travel, there is a fixed kilometric allowance of € 0.5 per kilometer for 2019.

NB : Any person concerned may offer this repayment as a gift to the association.

  1. In the case of other expenses (purchases for an event, office equipment, entertainment expenses or occasional accommodation for executives on behalf of the association, etc.), the supporting documents must be in the name of “CRM Association in Roussillon, Cultural Center – Place Castellane 66660, PORT-VENDRES”.

No refund will be made by a member authorised to manage the cash, if the proof of expenditure does not comply with this.

The person concerned risks exclusion from the association, for non- compliance with this rule.

Article 6 : Work Committees

Working committees may be established by decision of the Board of Directors.

Article 7: Modification of the Internal Rules

The current internal rules may be modified by the administrative council or by a majority of the members, at an AGM.

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