It is an association created under the French Law of 1901, with its Head Office at the Culturel Centre of Port-Vendres.

It regularly publishes Newsletters which are sent to members and are also available on this site.

The Association Charles Rennie Mackintosh en Roussillon was created on February 24th 2004.


  • To reveal the life and works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh realised during the 3 – 4 years he spent in Roussillon (1923-1927).
  • To establish cultural relations between France and Scotland.

In 2004 the 1st exhibition dedicated to Charles Rennie Mackintosh in France in Port-Vendres.

The start of construction of the “Mackintosh Trail” in Port-Vendres and Collioure. Installation of 16 markers in the spots where Mackintosh painted his watercolours.

Organisation of cultural trips to Scotland in 2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2013.

2006: Robin Crichton, President of the Association, publishes the 1st edition of his book “Mr. Mackintosh en Roussillon”. It is an art book, a bibliography and a tourist guide.

Scottish painters were hosted in Collioure from 2006 to 2014 and exhibited their works in both Scotland and France, in Collioure in 2011.

Workshops in the form of painting lessons for an audience, composed mainly of English speakers, took place in our department from 2007 to 2014.

July 5th 2007: Opening of the 1st Interpretation Centre in Port-Vendres, in the Dome garden.

Installation of new road markers on the Mackintosh trail in the hinterland.

June 5th 2009: Opening of the 2nd Interpretation Centre in Amelie-les-Bains Palada.

Organisation of workshops mixing Catalan and Scottish musicians, resulting in the organisation of concerts in Scotland and Roussillon.

Creation of the website which does not belong to the Association (which it therefore has no means of updating) and which is now obsolete. Production of flyers in French and English to inform tourists of the locations of the interpretation Centres and the Trail in the Department.


November 2012: Inauguration of the 3rd Centre at Fort-Liberia in Villefranche de Conflent.

Inauguration of a bronze effigy of Mackintosh on the wall of the old hotel where he stayed in Port-Vendres, as well as the placing of a plaque on a nearby bridge. Reception of tourists from French and Scottish cruise ships and cultural associations in the 3 centres.


June 2017: Transfer from the Fort-Liberia Centre to the Belesta Castle-museum and opening to the public.


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