The Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd March 2024 at the Port-Vendres Cultural Centre
Le centre culturel de Port Vendres lieu de l'AG photo ft le 22032024

The Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd March 2024 at the Port-Vendres Cultural Centre

The Annual General Meeting was held on 22nd March 2024 at the Port-Vendres Cultural Centre and was attended by members, volunteers and members of the board of directors: Michèle Grau (president), Annie Vila (vice-president), Sylvie Plas (secretary), Gilbert Suk (treasurer), François Tancelin (deputy treasurer), Linda Cadwallader (deputy secretary), Jacques Raupp, Clara Silber (honorary member) and Monica Guillouet Gelys, Port-Vendres deputy for culture

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Results of the vote of members up to date with their subscriptions on the day of the Annual General Meeting (present, represented or having voted by e-mail) meant that a quorum was reached and the 2023 Annual General Meeting was valid.
The reports were adopted unanimously, as was the new Board of Directors.
President Michèle GRAU thanked all those who had attended the meeting.
She went on to talk about the large number of cultural events that had been planned for 2023, in particular those celebrating the centenary of the arrival of the Mackintosh couple in the Pyrénées Orientales. 
La présidente Michéle Grau

To see photos of these events, click on the link below

She drew attention to the partnerships that have been forged or strengthened with the town halls of Amélie-les Bains, Mont-Louis, Bouleternère and Collioure, as well as Port-Vendres, which awarded a special grant for the weekend of centenary events that coincided with the Heritage Days.

Links with Scotland: the C R M Society and the Hunterian Art Gallery at Glasgow University have also been strengthened, notably through the university study day. UPVD University has also become an essential partner in the life of the association. 

Le trésorier Gilbert Suk présente le rapport financier photo ft le 22032024
The treasurer, Gilbert SUK, presented the 2023 accounts. The total budget for the centenary was €5906. Full details of the accounts can be seen at the association’s new premises.
The accounts have been validated by the auditor Yves Blin.


With regard to the activities planned for 2024, the secretary, Sylvie Plas, emphasised the cultural programme, in particular the celebration of the association’s twentieth anniversary. This will take place on one weekend – Heritage Days – and will be entirely devoted to this celebration. There will be an exhibition of paintings by Ian Scott, who founded the association, and two conferences illustrating Mackintosh’s talents in design.

La présidente Michéle Grau et la secretaire Sylvie Plas lors des rapports AG photo ft le 22032024
She is also delighted to announce that this year, for the first time, our association is running several projects to raise awareness of the artist’s work (four projects so far) with primary and secondary school pupils.
Clara Silber informed the meeting that she had been invited to present “Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, the eclipsed artist” at the CRM anniversary seminar at the CRM Society in early June.
Many congratulations to her. This is also an indication that our work is being recognised by experts in Scotland.
Gilbert SUK presented a stained glass project for the centre of Port-Vendres created by Jacqueline TOSI, master of stained glass and an active member of our association. 
For a glimpse of her talent, click on the link below, which will take you to the chapter entitled “Our members have talent”:

Gilbert Suk présente le projet de vitrail de Jacqueline Tosi ft le 22032024
He showed a cardboard  representation and some glass samples. The estimate for this is 2800€.
The aim of the meeting was to gather the reactions of the members present to this project. The response was very positive.
It would be a great addition to the centre, which only has 2 Mackintosh chairs as Mackintosh artefacts.
The cost could be financed largely by online donations if the meeting did not object. The fund will be launched once the Board has made its final decision and obtained the agreement of Port-Vendres Town Hall.
Gilbert Suck décrit le projet de vitrail du Maitre Verrrier Jacqueline Tosi photo ft le 22032024
Madame Monica Guillouet Gelys adjointe à la culture de la mairie de Port-Vendres photo ft le 22 mars 2023



Monica GUILLOUET GELYS, Port-Vendres deputy mayor for culture, then congratulated the members of the Board on their dynamism and their significant contribution to the cultural life of the town, and assured them that the municipality would support their work as much as it could.

However, she had one criticism to make about the digital signage, which is clearly visible from a distance but does not fit in with the cultural nature of the venue. She said that we would have to think of another solution.
François Tancelin pointed out that the Mackintosh Centre is not signposted anywhere in the town. Michèle Grau spoke of visitors who had been guided to the centre by this illuminated sign.
At the end of the meeting, the President, Michèle Grau, again thanked the participants for their attendance She also announced that the tourist office would be organising “Mackintosh” tours of Port-Vendres on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am during June, July and August and on Thursday afternoons at 3pm during April, May and September, departing from the tourist office.
At the end of the meeting, the association offered a delicious buffet to all those present.
Le centre CRMR de Port Vendres le jour de l'AG photo ft le 22032024
Les travaux à Port-Vendres ancien parking de la CCI photo ft le 22032024
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