July 13, 2021: A very nice day in Port-Vendres with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, his wife.
Le Club Med 2 à l'horizon de la place Castellane lors de l'atelier de peinture ft le 13 juillet 2021

July 13, 2021: A very nice day in Port-Vendres with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh, his wife.

The day organized by the Médiathèque de Port-Vendres was a great success and allowed us to discover or rediscover the Mackintosh couple.

Le levée de soleil vue de la place Castelane ft 13072021


The sun shone beautifully over the horizon from the charming Place Castellane in Port-Vendres, giving a nod to Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the amateur painters were able to exercise their talent, despite the presence of the Tramontane.


vue de la place Castellane FT le 13072021

During a breakfast offered by the Médiathèque, the presentation of the newly designed Mackintosh space gave a shared moment of conviviality.

The participants were able to discover, among other things, art books on Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret Macdonald, watercolor reproductions by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and a superb permanent video produced by the members of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh association in Roussillon.

Le petit déjeuner un moment d'échange FT 13072021


The tour given by the guide from the tourist office in the streets of Port-Vendres was an opportunity to evoke and locate the different aspects of the life and work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh: architect, decorator, painter, through looking at the architecture of a building from the beginning of the last century.


The writing workshop was  a moment of literary creation inspired by the two artists. 7 participants from 3 generations  tried two writing suggestions. The first on the painter’s palette and the second, a final letter that CRM could have written to a Margaret absent from Port-Vendres. The productions were inspired and will appear on our site soon if the authors allow it.

les organisatrices de l'atelier écriture FT 13072021



The opening of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh interpretation center in Port-Vendres was an opportunity for many visitors to discover or rediscover the pictorial work of the architect when he came to our region

To close this beautiful and rich day, the performance “Reflections” by Clara and Paul Silber sold out.

Clara et son public FT 13072021


 It allowed the many participants to immerse themselves in the sensibility and universe of the artist Margaret Macdonald. In the second part, the commentated projection of superb photos of his work provided a welcome addition.

Le public à la Médiathèque FT le 13072021

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