In the press

In the press

The article that appeared in the local section of “L’indépendant” newspaper on November 22020 relates the general meeting of our association on October 1.

For those who do not subscribe to this journal, you have the opportunity to read it below and we hope you
enjoy reading it. 

The meeting of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Association.

The Charles Rennie Mackintosh en Roussillon association recently held its annual general meeting in the Cultural Center. Given the pandemic, it took place in strict compliance with safety instructions: maintiang distance and wearing masks.

The annual geeneral meeting was held in the presence of the Mayor, Gregory Marty and his co-elected assistant for culture Monica Guillhouet

After presenting of the board of directors, the president, Michèle Grau, thanked the municipality for the grant for 2020.

She also took stock of coming projects, namely the change of premises (because they are too small and not suitable for disabled people) and restoration of the Mackintosh Way. Mr. Marty gave the assurance of his support.

A reflection will be initiated within the association on the place that the Mackintosh interpretation centres could have in this context (Port-Vendres, Bélesta and Palalda).Mention was also made of the project to rehabilitate the Mackintosh Way with a priority for Port-Vendres.

The mayor has given his agreement to involve the technical services in the production of supports. He also expressed his desire tosupport “in association with the steps taken with other municipalities.

The board of directors nanimously renewed the positions of two of outgoing third of group (the third person has moved to Sweden) and welcomed Nassima Dris, who was a researcher at the University of Rouen and a specialist in urban sociology and town planning

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