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Public space

Nassima Dris

Nassima DRIS is a volunteer with the C.R. Mackintosh en Roussillon association that you may have met during one of your visits to the center of Port-Vendres.

She has just been unanimously elected to the board of directors and the whole association will be able to benefit from her ideas and expertise.

In her professional life, she worked as a researcher at the University of Rouen in the field of urban sociology and town planning.

After having published a work entitled “The eventful city”, she has just completed her latest book “The paradoxes of public space”. Without dwelling on the virtual aspects of public space such as social networks, she chose to focus her researcher’s gaze on the concept of public space seen in its various current aspects.

She seeks to grasp the concept of public space at the border “between the private and the public, the political and the cultural, the sacred and the profane, men and women”.

This book “The Paradoxes of Public Space” is available from “L’Harmattan” editions for € 20 (see link below).

There is no doubt that this book will be able to shed relevant light on the society in which we live.

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