An unexpected tribute

A while ago we were surprised to receive an email from Andy Scott. Maybe the name doesn’t ring a bell, even though it reminds us of Scotland. In fact, it is the sculptor who created the statue of Charles Rennie Mackintosh unveiled in Glasgow for the 150th anniversary of his birth: A monumental work that we had admired during our visit to Glasgow in March 2019. We had published some photographs on our site. He seems touched by our approach and we cannot resist the pleasure of delivering the content of his message to you (the original is in English):


first, sorry I am not able to write to you in French.

I am writing as the sculptor of the statue of Charles Rennie Mackintosh statue in Glasgow.  I just saw a photo of the statue with some members of your committee on your website.  I wanted to say thanks for featuring it on the site.  I am delighted you made the effort to go and see the sculpture and I hope you enjoyed your time in the city.

I studied at CRM’s famous Glasgow School of Art from 1982 – 87, so it was a very special project for me to make the memorial to such an important Scottish architect and artist.  I have plans to make a sculpture of his wife Margaret, but so far cannot find a client to commission it.  I will let you know if I ever create it.  Wish me luck!

Here are a few other images of the statue of Charles during production which I hope you find interesting.  I modelled it in clay in my studio in Philadelphia.  The clay was made on top of a steel replica of the Argyle chair, and the finished clay and steel chair was then moulded and cast into bronze here in Philadelphia and then shipped to Glasgow.  A fantastic project to work on and I’m thrilled its now a successful landmark.

So once again, thanks for posting an image of the statue on your website and for promoting the work of this incredible Scottish artist and his time in France

with best wishes from Philadelphia


Thus  you have the privilege of seeing here, thanks to its creator, photographs of the statue as work in progress, as well as knowing the details of his creative methods.

Our warm thanks  again to Andy Scott, for the interest he hMore information about Andy Scott on his website :

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