A big surprise !

A big surprise !

A few weeks ago, the association received a message from Allary Editions informing us that Port-Vendres was featured in a guide that they had just published:

“Le Guide Mondain des Villages de France”.

On reading the entry relating to our town we were delighted that it was chosen for its connection with Charles Rennie Mackintosh and that mention was made of our interpretation centre.

This is a gift that deserves our thanks, as unexpectedly, it promotes the efforts of our association to make this period in the life of C.R. Mackintosh better known, locally, nationally and internationally.

When our center reopens its doors, we hope in June, in new premises, you will be able to come and consult it.

In the meantime, we are making you aware that this guide, in Michelin format, but all blue and yellow, is available in bookstores and on the Internet


Matthias Debureaux

The author, Matthias Debureaux, has chosen to offer us a new guide to France.

For each department, he takes us, far from the highways, to small villages.

He tells us the story of a celebrity of the past two centuries (politician or politician, singer or actor, man or woman of letters, etc.) who has shared the place. No matter if they were born or chose to live there, they loved the place.

On turning the pages we travel through their stories, experiencing some unexpected encounter at a bend in the road.


         You will be guaranteed surprises even if you are familiar with the place!



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