Mackintosh’s birthday in Port-Vendres.
Vue du jardin du dĂ´me le jour de l'anniversaire le12 juin 2021 fT

Mackintosh’s birthday in Port-Vendres.

This 153rd anniversary of Charles Rennie Mackintosh (CRM)was the occasion to inaugurate the renovation of the Trail and to foster his memory through an evocation of Margaret and CRM

Un nouveau panneau et son support photo prise le 12 juin 2021

All the old signs in Port-Vendres have been replaced by brand new ones. The missing panels as well as those supports in poor condition have been reinstalled by the technical services of the town of Port-Vendres. The design of the panels was carried out by the association which entrusted the printing to a private company


On the front of each panel, there is a QR code which is linked directly to the website and to the description and analysis of the watercolor

Recto du nouveau panneau N°4 sur site
Le recto d'un nouveau panneau Photo prose le 12 juin 2021


On the back is another QR code which is linked to the website home page. There is also a map with all the watercolors of the Trail throughout the Pyrenees Orientales department.

DĂ©part de la rando 1 devant l'office du tourisme ft le 12 juin 2021

The inauguration of the Trail’s renovation was the opportunity to present it to the public through 2 hikes organized in collaboration with the Evasion Catalane de Port-Vendres association.

Au cours de la rando 2 le 12 juin 2021

In each group there was thus an Evasion Catalane animator and a CRM guide who could explain the works.

It was very hot  – the participants endured a scorching temperature.

Le jardin du Dôme entrée du centre d'interprétation CRM de Port-Vendres photo ft la 12 juin 2021


The hikes ended in the Dome Gardens in the shade of a weeping willow tree. The interpretation center was open and welcomed visitors in accordance with sanitary rules


Refreshments were offered to the participants, containing a snack made from typical Scottish recipes.

La collation photo GS le 12 juin 2021
Les participants de la performance dans l'espace Micro-folie du dĂ´me Port-Vendres au pupitre Paul le 12 juin 2021

Then our artists Clara and Paul Silber presented in the “Micro-Folie” space of Port-Vendres the first part entitled “Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh: reflections”

Clara pendant sa représentation le 12 juin 2021

Given the many prior registrations, Clara and Paul presented 2 sessions in French. Further presentations in English will take place at a later date.The evening ended with a milder temperature and after tidying up, the organizers were able to enjoy a well-deserved rest

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