A donation from ACRMR to the Port-Vendres Media Library
Une vue d'ensemble des tableaux offerts par l'association et exposé dans l'espace Mackintosh de la Médiathèque

A donation from ACRMR to the Port-Vendres Media Library

A donation from the Charles Rennie Mackintosh en Roussillon Association to the Port-Vendres Media Library

The new media library in Port-Vendres opened to the public on October 20, 2020.

This superb new media library is located opposite the Place de l’ObĂ©lisque, a stone’s throw from the Charles Rennie Mackintosh interpretation center in Port-Vendres.

It is a completely renovated, very pleasant and bright building of 490 square meters on two levels.

The space Mackintosh (in the library)  is now almost completely finished and we invite you to visit it.

You will discover two reproductions of Mackintosh ladderback chairs as well as a space with books and publications on Charles Rennie Mackintosh and works of art from the contemporary period to that of the Mackintosh couple’s creations

On Friday March 2, 2021 early in the afternoon, a delegation of masked members of the association’s office (Covid necessity) went to the media library to offer various items, in order to inform the public about our artist and expand the Mackintosh space at the media library

This set represents a donation of over €500 and is made up of over ten framed reproductions including architectural drawings and watercolors by Charles Rennie Mackintosh as well as two charming CRM-inspired mirrors

We warmly thank the librarians for the welcome extended to our association. They are happy to enhance the media library with the superb reproductions offered.

This space now allows the public to learn about our artist in a suitable place, in addition to a visit to our interpretation center where it was impossible, given its small place, to install all these resources.

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