Watercolour 23

The Boulders


1925 – 1926

33.3 x 38 cm

The Hunterian, University of Glasgow

The vantage point

Pictorial analysis

  1. “The Boulders, once again, shows Fetges. Mackintosh has combined three views: one showing the high village seen from a little further north than ‘Slate roofs’ and ‘The boulders’, a close-up view of the main boulder which is on the roadside and finally a rocky outcrop probably taken from under the road.” Professor Pamela Robertson – University of Glasgow –
  2. As is often the case with Mackintosh, this watercolour is composed of several viewpoints. In the lower foreground, the artist energetically stylises the rocks, contrasting rounded and sharp shapes. The cloudy part of the sky is subjected to the same level of stylisation, which gives a great coherence to the whole. This watercolour presents us with a beautiful harmony of coloured greys supported by some bright colours. Shadows play a very important role in this composition, especially in the foreground, which takes on an almost unreal aspect.

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