Watercolour 22

Mountain Village


1925 – 1926

dimensions unrecorded


The vantage point

Pictorial analysis

  1. “Mountain Village is also a representation of Fetges, captured from a vantage point on the hillside above and to the west of the site above the Têt valley. The dominant building in the foreground is the block with open spaces that are already visible in the paintings of ‘Fetges’ and ‘The Boulders’. The composition gives an uncharacteristic sense of a space with a shifting perspective.” Professor Pamela Robertson – University of Glasgow

Historical guideline

Fetges is situated on the RN116 just 1km from Mont-Louis in the Cerdagne. It is a hamlet nowadays dependent on Sauto which was built in the years 1790-1794.

Fetges comes from the word “Feixes” meaning “terrace” in Catalan.

Agricultural terraces found in the area before Mont-Louis.

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