Watercolour 24



1925 – 1926

46.5 x 45.8 cm

Tate Gallery, London

The vantage point

Pictorial analysis

  1. “This wider and more detailed view of Fetges encompasses the whole village. It clearly shows the view from the road that Mackintosh used here and for Slate Roofs. Mackintosh thought it was one of his most accomplished works, when he said: ‘I shall probably never do the same thing again’. Fetges was one of a group of watercolours that Margaret Macdonald took with her to London in 1927 in an attempt to generate interest in Mackintosh’s work. The work was subsequently donated by Walter Blackie, her Hill House client, to the Tate Gallery in London.” Professor Pamela Robertson – University of Glasgow –

  2. This watercolour is a fine example of the range of shades between the warm and cool range of greens: the cooler greens mixed with blue, the warmer ones tending towards orange. The foreground occupies a triangular surface curiously dotted with a few light stones. The very graphic aspect of the whole gives a patchwork effect in some places.

Historical guideline

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