Watercolour 29

The Church of La Llagonne


1925 – 1926

28 x 38.3 cm

Collection Privée

The vantage point

Pictorial analysis

  1. . “This view is taken from the east. The ground slopes from La Llagonne and does not allow for the slightly elevated view that Mackintosh gives us here.” Professor Pamela Robertson – University of Glasgow

  2. In this watercolour, Mackintosh analyses with great intensity the architectural ensemble in front of him, the lighting giving coherence to the composition. The perspective with its well-marked vanishing lines leads the eye to the central part crowned by the church and the ruins of the tower. The contrast is very clear between the flat areas in the lower part and the strongly marked volumes in the upper part. Note the beautiful contrast between two complementary colours, the blue of the sky and the yellow-orange of the church roof.

Historical guideline 

This sober and beautiful church was built on the remains of an old medieval castle. It is situated on the top of the hill where the village was built.

It is Romanesque in style and the oldest parts date from the 9th century.  It has been redesigned several times over the years.

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