Watercolour 26

Mountain Landscape


1925 – 1926

37.5 x 28 cm

Collection privée


The vantage point

Pictorial analysis

  1. A local architect, Bernard Catllar, has argued convincingly that three watercolours could have been conceived as a triptych representing the landscape facing Mont-Louis. The two surviving works (Mountain Landscape and Village in the Mountains) are identical in size and come together to create a view showing mountain peaks and the village of Planès de Dalt. Mr Catllar puts forward the hypothesis that the missing, slightly smaller watercolour could represent the left side of the panorama, with the Pico Gallinas”. Professor Pamela Robertson – University of Glasgow –
  2. These two watercolours (Mountain Landscape and Village in the Mountains) form a diptych giving us a very broad panorama, which is quite rare for Mackintosh.

    The composition is based on the graphic aspect of the landscape and the artist only uses colour in the large, illuminated part.

Historical guideline

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