Canticel to Bélesta
Affiche Canticel à Bélesta 2023

Canticel to Bélesta

Eglise Romane Saint-Bartélemy de Belsta
The Château de Bélesta Museum team is organising a Christmas concert in the Romanesque church of Saint Barthelemy in Bélesta on Sunday 26th November at 4pm (free admission).
This annual event will be preceded by a visit to the museum and the exhibition “Mémoires d’un puits: les fouilles subaquatiques du puits du fort de Bellegarde (Le Perthus)” at 2.30pm.
For those who haven’t yet seen it, this will be a good opportunity not to miss this fine exhibition before it is dismantled at the end of December 2023.
It’s also an opportunity to discover or rediscover the Charles Rennie Mackintosh interpretation centre in Bélesta (Espace MACKINTOSH), located on the ground floor of the museum.


Musée de Bélesta

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