Discovery of the Palalda CRM center by a passionate quilter

Discovery of the Palalda CRM center by a passionate quilter

When visiting the exhibition “Au fil du tech Art textile Palalda” at the Palalda Museum Centre, the quilter Katell Renon discovered the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Centre in Palalda.

The word « quilt » comes from the Anglo-Norman « quilte » which  itself comes from the Old French « cuilte » and  from the Latin « culcita » ( mattress). 

There are in fact three distinct layers of fabric that make up a quilt : the top fabric, the soft middle fabric and the fabric on the back. To combine these three layers a seam is applied to create a quilted effect. The top fabric can be a simple piece of fabric or a patchwork quilt.

Some enthusiasts have created patchworks that are definitely works of art.

Katell Renon has created a blog called “La Ruche des Quilteuses” which is named in honour of her quilting friends.

An article on this blog is devoted to the exhibition.

On the ground floor, I was surprised to discover an exhibition – a permanent one, I believe – on the exceptional Charles Rennie Mackintosh He was a Scotsman who was a great innovator in many fields: architecture, but also interior design.

Would I admit that I have a real soft spot for him? I’m sure I’ll tell you moreone day, here or elsewhere.

Reproductions de tissu crées par Charles Rennie Mackintosh visibles au centre de Palada

 A man who says this can’t be all bad :I may have some talent, but my wife is a genius. » (Charles Rennie Mackintosh on Margaret MacDonald, his wife.) Something rare that needs to be emphasised, don’t you think ?

… And why is this couple being showcased at Amélie-les-Bains? Because they lived there, out of love for the region.

To read this article, the full report of the exhibition, the blog and to learn about these enthusiasts click on the link below

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