Front de mer Canet Collioure Banyuls 1940

Front de mer Canet Collioure Banyuls 1940

Musée de Collioure ft le 13062023


This is the theme that the Musée d’Art Moderne de Collioure has chosen for the exhibition running from 3rd June (see details below


A stretch of coastline, Canet-Collioure-Banyuls, like a concentration of space. One date, 1940, like a precipice of history. Numerous artists have landed on the shores of the Catalan coast, mixing their destinies along the way. Whether they were hiding, hoping for exile, living in camps, fighting, resisting or collaborating… their art bears witness to an era that can take no shortcuts. A border area, a free zone, then an occupied zone, an open door to a possible departure or a closed place of imprisonment – the coast, from Canet to Banyuls, became a territory in struggle.

Texte in exposition

Since the exhibition “Collioure, Babel of the Arts “the Musée de Collioure has continued its exploration of the little-known artistic history of the Côte Vermeille.

With this new exhibition, the museum plunges into the troubled waters of a dark year that transforms the seafront into a veritable war front.

Works by artists, some of them renowned surrealists, others less well known, have been brought together by Claire Muchir  (Head Curator of Heritage and Director of the Musée d’Art Moderne in Collioure).

A superb, original exhibition that must be seen.

Practical details:

– Exhibition from 3rd June to 8th October 2023

– Opening times: daily 10am-12pm / 2pm-6pm

– Contact: +33 (0)4 30 44 05 46

– Venue: Musée d’Art Moderne – Villa Pams, route de Port-Vendres – 66 190 COLLIOURE

– Admission: €5

To find out more about the museum, visit its website:

Musée d’Art Moderne de Collioure – Museum of modern and contemporary art with sea view


As part of the partnership between the Musée de Collioure and the association, a private visit was organised for members on the evening of 13th June by the bureau of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh en Roussillon association. The many visitors enjoyed the fascinating and erudite comments by Claire Muchir, curator and director of the Musée d’Art Moderne.

Claire Muchir et une partie de son auditoire lors de la visite privée du 13062023


At the end of the visit, Michèle Grau, president of the association, warmly thanked the museum’s curator.

La présidente de l'association Michèle Grau
Le lancement du quiz



It was also an opportunity for the president to present the programme of festivities and cultural events which are being organised to celebrate the centenary of the arrival of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife Margaret Macdonald to our region.



The launch of the quiz “Play with Mackintosh” which is based on the watercolours in Port-Vendres marked the start of these festivities. The quiz will be available from this week in all the cultural venues of Port-Vendres.

The evening ended with a reception hosted by the museum management and the association’s bureau.

It was a fascinating, convivial and educational evening

Lancement du Quiz

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