Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh : an artist overshadowed by her husband
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Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh : an artist overshadowed by her husband

Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh : an artist overshadowed by her husband 

in le Dôme de Port Vendres, 18th November (in English) 19th November (in French)

Preparing for the evening in the Dôme with Paul and Loïc


Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh is beginning to emerge from under the shadow of her husband. The audiences on both evenings were very concentrated and they much appreciated the research and hard work of Clara and Paul Silber in preparing these presentations

Clara reading her letter

Clara had created « a posthumous letter » from Margaret to Charles. The letters from Charles to Margaret written in Port Vendres in 1927 are published in « the Chronycle » . But the responses from Margaret no longer exist.

Clara therefore, by interpreting the situations in the letters of Charles, by reading comments from friends of the couple and by using her own intuition, created in her own words the thoughts and feelings of Margaret at the time of her scattering of Toshie’s ashes

As the librarians of the Médiathèques de la Côte Vermeille (Port Vendres et Collioure) wrote after the presentation at the Médiathèque in July 2021 

To the sound of Clara Silber’s voice, we plunge into a tender and nostalgic posthumous letter from Margaret to « Toshie » her great love.
Clara recounts their life as a couple and as artists, their complicity, their love, their admiration and their work.

We then discover the evolution of her work and her clear aims in a rigorous presentation of the works of this inventive and accomplished artist.

This lecture is of a high quality, where fiction and reality blend harmoniously.

Margaret Macdonald (re)finds her place as an artist and the inspirational muse of her husband and artistic partner, the famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The audience the 18th November 2021


The 70 projected images of Margaret’s work, both her own and those created with her sister, Frances, and other creations in collaboration with Charles, are now shown in video montage. Clara brings a new approach to some of Margaret’s paintings. Her text is concise and well researched.

There will  be more presentations elsewhere in Roussillon in spring of 2022

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