The new leaflets have arrived

The new leaflets have arrived

A working group of Charles Rennie Mackintosh board members drew up mock-ups for the association’s new flyers in two versions, one in French and one in English.


Now we have complete mastery of the models, allowing the association to be able to modify the content of this means of communication at any time


  • Naturally, Charles Rennie Mackintosh is featured.
  • It also has information on the association as well as its 3 interpretation centers

(Port Vendres / Amélie Les bains / Palalda)

  • The back is entirely devoted to the “Mackintosh Way” which is being renovated in


  • We use it to recall all our means of communication including our website.


The leaflet includes the logos of the organisations that support us or intend to support us in the future (the towns of Port-Vendres and Amélie les Bains and the department) and that of the “Casals” in Palalda

Dépliant côté recto
Dépliant côté recto

The association hasreceived the first delivery of 2,000 leaflets. They will be available in our three centers, the tourist offices, the ‘micro-folies’ and the media library of Port-Vendres etc., as soon as all these places are open to the public again.


Also envisaged is the participation of our association in various events (association days, heritage, festivals, representation, annual exchange marketin Argelès organized by UDOTSI and ADT66: Territorial Development Agency …)

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