First anniversary of the site

It is now 1 year since the adventure of the website started. Indeed, it has now been a year since we chose our hosting provider and our domain name. We could not use the 2 domain names of the former site because they did not belong to us. Never mind, we chose the same root as our email address:

It was also necessary to wait until we could recover the former domain names and this was not done without difficulty.

Finally, we were able to work on setting up the structure of the site and its content. We still have to take into account the path of Mackintosh in the upper Conflent and we’ll have to wait until the road is passable again …

And now we are tackling a new project: the transition to a bilingual version. Vous allez voir sur le site les dYou will see on the site the French and English flags side by side.rapeaux français et anglais se côtoyer. The translation will first be done by the automatic translator of the WPML plugin.

Chances are that this translation will not always be the most relevant, but we will have it proofread by our eminent specialists… And if, however, you think there are better formulations, we count on you to let us know by sending us a message from the “useful links” and “contact us” tabs (

On the editorial team side, all members of the Board of Directors (and even others) contributed. On the administration side of the site, it was initially Gilbert Suk who took on the responsibility and now we also have the chance to find François Tancelin in training and in the operational part.

This site allows you to discover the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, this eminent Scottish architect and artist and particularly the watercolours he painted during his stay in our region in the 1925s.

It also allows us to reflect the life of our association and related events.

A good attendance for these beginnings in constant increase that is to say 5107 views an average of 17 views per day.

Please do not hesitate to share your ideas and comments with us.

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