Port-Vendres EXPRESS and A.C.R.M.R

Port-Vendres Express is a monthly publication of the town of Port-Vendres.

On page 3 (May 2021 ) we find the following article which deals with the latest achievements of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Association in Roussillon:

“During the pandemic, the Charles Rennie Mackintosh association in Roussillon has not remained inactive. Always very keen to make our artist known by expanding both partnerships and our audience, we carried out a lot of work on the repair of the Mackintosh ?? in Port-Vendres. The panels that mark our quays should be replaced this spring with the help of the technical services of the town hall.

Thanks to partnerships with both the municipality of Port-Vendres and the Community of Communes, the association also now has displays in two Mackintosh “corners”, one at the Micro-Folie and the other at the media library, in addition to the Interpretation Centre  located in the gardens of the Dome.”

You can find Port-Vendres Express on the Port-Vendres website by clicking on the link below:

publications (port-vendres.com)

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